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What Is SEO & How Does It Benefit Your Business

SEO offers a unique way for businesses to appear on top of search engine results organically.

With content driven strategy 🧠, planning 📝 and execution 💪 businesses can flourish in any market.

Some Stats:

  • 95.20% percent are small businesses (2,132,412 business in Australia)
  • 3.8% are medium-sized businesses,
  • The rest 1% are large corporations. 

Small and medium businesses employ 70% of the workforce. Of that 70%,

  • Small companies use 47%
  • Medium businesses generated 23% employment.

Small and medium companies are the driving force 🔥behind the South Australian economy. They also provide more work opportunities for unskilled workers.

Businesses In Australia Chart
Employment In Australia Chart

🙌 The success

Of many of these companies may be because they provide goods and services that people can’t do without. What about the remaining companies? How do they make it work?

Many of the companies in the South Australian business environment more than likely use the internet to advertise. Do all the companies using the web, bring visitors to their website and convert that visitor to a customer?

Do these small and medium companies know about SEO to improve their business? Will using Search Engine Optimisation benefit your company even in Adelaide, Australia? Yes, it will, here is how.

🤔 What Is SEO?

Known as Search Engine Optimisation and defined by Wikipedia as, “The process of affecting the position of websites or a web pages in a search engine’s unpaid results.”

When people type into the search bar what they are looking for on the internet, say pet supplies, the search engine (Google, Bing, or Yahoo) look for that word or phrase to find websites that offer pet supplies.

When the search results appear on the computer screen, there will be a line up of results from top to bottom (about 20) that identify the different websites that offer pet supplies. The first three are paid results and are usually set off by a slightly different colour, mostly light blue.

The next ten results, with the first one being the number one ranking,  are the outstanding results that the search engines located and placed in a ranking order based on the SEO keyword placement.  For example, the search was for pet supplies, the first one in the ranking order says, The Top 5 Pet Foods and Supplies For Your Puppy.  The website with the longer description received the higher ranking.  Google Adsense reports the first three results do receive 67% of the clicks.

To bring the visitors to your business in Adelaide, the SEO keyword placement should be structured for maximum placement on the results page, in the one, two or number three spot.

If your company needs some help with SEO and keyword placement, hire an SEO Expert and knows just about everything about the SEO environment. With an experienced SEO Expert he can create content that will make your business stand out on the web, increasing the number of clicks to your site.

People pay Google to place their site at the top of the results page, known as Pay-Per-Click. A digital marketing specialist can create ads that will bring paid results to your business. You pay when a visitor clicks your website.

👀 Online Marketing 

Is where you put everything together to leverage your website to spread a message about your company’s services, brand, or products. The methods used to get visitors to your site are email, social media, and display advertising. Online marketing does not use the traditional market mediums, TV, print, or radio to advertise. The cost of online marketing is a lot less than the conventional marketing and can have a positive impact on our ROI.

You might consider hiring an SEO consultant to ramp things up. The SEO consultant is the top of the line and is a step above the expert. The SEO consultant is required to know all there is to know about SEO and how to get it to work for your website. Google publishes Webmaster Best Practices, and the best SEO consultants adhere to them.

💬 The Last Word

The internet is worldwide and people looking to do business with companies located in Adelaide, Australia only has to enter the right keywords in their search bar, and your company will come right to them.

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