What is SEO &
How Can It Help Your Business?​

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what people see when they type a phrase or question into a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! Let’s say you are looking for pet supplies, on Google, what it’s doing behind the scene is looking for that word or phrase to find websites that offer pet supplies. The next ten results, with the first one being the number one ranking, are the outstanding results that the search engines located and placed in a ranking order based on the SEO keyword placement.

For example, the search was for pet supplies, the first one in the ranking order says, The Top 5 Pet Foods and Supplies For Your Puppy. The website with the longer description and better score receives the higher ranking. Google Adsense reports the first three results do receive 67% of the clicks.

To bring the visitors to your business in Australia, Search Engine Optimisation must be conducted for your website. SEO offers a unique way for businesses to appear on top of search engine results organically. ClickForce SEO strategies are built on a solid 3 step processes with only one goal, guaranteed improved website ranking.

Our 3 pillar strategy to
improve your SEO ranking?​

Higher SEO ranking on Google means better leads and sales for your business.

1. Assess

We start with an assessment of your targeted website structure, the number of pages, current indexing behaviour and link portfolio. We conduct competitor research and build a report that is unique and works for your customers and company values.

2. Strategy

Based on the assessment report, we carefully draft the strategy that will expose ranking factors, competitor weaknesses and put that in place to fill the gap by offering value that appeal to your customers. These involve analysing your backlink portfolio, finding the best profitable key phrases and a range of tactics that most other agencies get wrong.

3. Execution

As they say "Execution is the game", after strategy. We put all our resources behind the process and execute our plan. We put in blood sweat and tears to get you phenomenal results.

What to expect when you start a
SEO Campaign with ClickForce​

Target Market Business Analysis

  • Website analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Initial keyword nomination

Keyword Research & Development

  • Keyword analysis
  • Baseline ranking assessment
  • Goals and Objectives

Content Optimisation & Submission

  • Create page titles, meta tags & headings
  • Optimise page urls & images
  • Place strategic search phrases on pages
  • Develop new sitemaps
  • Improve backlink portfolio
  • Submit website to directories

Review & Analysis

  • Review links
  • Analyse page & domain score
  • Create a long term SEO strategy


  • Send monthly SEO reports

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