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Building Your Own Business Website? Do Not Make These 10 Mistakes

While it is easier now to build your own website, it’s usually not the right move for your business. This is because taking matters into your own hands may not maximise the success of the website you build. What follows are ten common mistakes that are made when business owners choose to build their own websites instead of trusting a professional web design company.

  1. No Clear Direction: One of the most common mistakes for those building their own business website is the lack of clear direction or focus that provides potential customers with the confidence to make a purchase.
  2. Bad Navigation: If your customers cannot find their way around your site, how do you expect them to make a purchase? Website navigation should be as simple and obvious as possible.
  3. No Responsive Design: Today, more people surf the web on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This means that your website needs to have a responsive design to be properly seen on all screen sizes.
  4. Not Incorporating Search Engine Optimisation: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be incorporated on every page, every image, and every piece of content. Not doing so leads to lower search rankings which translate to less web traffic to your site.
  5. Use of Insider Language or Jargon: Too many self-made business websites use jargon that is unfamiliar to many consumers. Remember, the website created is for your customers, not for your employees. Too much insider language or jargon may drive away potential customers who simply do not understand.
  6. Poor Readability: Your website should be easy to look at and easy to read as well. Using the right fonts, keeping the fonts the same size, and using the right colour contrasts makes a world of difference in terms of readability.
  7. Using Outdated SEO Techniques: SEO has been changing considerably, especially over the past few years. Trying to optimise your website using outdated SEO strategies will only lower the search rankings for your site. This means less web traffic and fewer customers.
  8. Lack of Distinction: Too many business owners simply copy the basic web design of their competitors. When you cannot visually separate your business from the rest, you do not make your website distinctive enough for web traffic to visit.
  9. Slow Download Speeds: How long do you wait for a website to download to your computer or mobile device? If you wait longer than three seconds, you are in the minority. Be sure that your website downloads fast to keep visitors at your site.
  10. No Changes: With digital technology changing at a rapid rate, it doesn’t take long before your business website looks out of date. Handing the entire operation of your website may be beyond even your diligent efforts. That’s why hiring a professional agency skilled in web design helps keep your site looking fresh and new.

In the end, building the right website for your business takes skilled web designers with the knowledge to incorporate SEO into the structure of your online business. When you understand the importance of digital marketing and how a seemingly tiny mistake may be costing you, potential customers, hiring a custom website building agency becomes the right choice.

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