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The 7 Ways to Make Your Google AdWords More Profitable

For many business owners, Google AdWords offers a potentially powerful, but risky way to pull in new customers. This is because predicting the results can be difficult for those who lack the knowledge and experience to shape their online marketing efforts when using Google AdWords.

The good news for those who have not tried Google AdWords or have not been as successful as they like is that there are seven proven ways to boost your results.

1. Locate the Demand

The old saying, “It’s not about selling a product, but finding a product that sells” is indispensable to your marketing efforts. Use the Keyword Planner from Google to determine if the words and phrases you choose are really in demand. You’ll know from your research if what you have has the potential to sell.

2. Ask: Will It Work?

This may sound obvious, but the truth is that many business owners dive into a marketing campaign using Google AdWords without knowing if it will be profitable. You’ll need to examine the products you are promoting, understand if you have the resources to match the potential demand, and calculate the profit compared to the expense of the effort you make.

3. Know Your Customer

You’ll need to know the characteristics of the perfect customer for your business. This requires a little research and serves as the foundation to your marketing campaign. This means accounting for the following;

  • age
  • gender
  • marital status
  • why they should purchase your product

4. Know Your Competition

This means using tools such as SpyFu or Keyword Spy to see how the competition is doing using specific keywords and key phrases. By seeing how they are doing, you can better gauge how successful you will be in your efforts. Plus, you can see if they are missing certain words and phrases where you can take advantage.

5. Package the Offer

To make your product or service even more enticing, you’ll need to create a package that convinces your audience they would be mistaken in passing it up. This means showing how the benefits far outweigh the cost, providing a guarantee that takes away the risk, use a believable tone and words, and finally place a call to action at the end which helps make the sale.

6. Create a Powerful Landing Page

Bringing people to the landing page is half the battle, now you must turn them into customers. craft your landing page. You must continue to build on the sales language that brought them here, so now you must complete the sale by asking them to buy one more time.

7. Track Your Results

You’ll need to track which ads are working and what keywords or key phrases are the most effective. Google AdWords uses a tracking code to make it easy to know the effectiveness of your efforts. You can add it to your receipt page for your eCommerce business or the thank you page of your webform.

By utilising these seven methods, you can boost your online marketing results through Google AdWords. Remember, the more you learn about how Google AdWords and other online marketing services work, the better your results will be.

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