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7 Ways To Double Sales For Your Online Business In 90 Days

So, you want to double your sales for your online business in just 90 days? Do you think that is possible with all the competition on the web? Well, let’s take a look at seven things it takes to improve sales.

1. Content Frequency


How often should you publish advertising content through the blog for your business?

The is a current rule of thumb that online businesses should be publishing content as much as 16 times per month, four times a week.

Statistics show businesses that publish 10 or more times a month show higher returns on leads, more leads more sales.

A limiting factor in this publishing frenzy is budget, how much is your company going to pay for someone to write the marketing content.

Another way to improve sales and keep the budget in check is to update older published content and recycle it.

If older blog posts worked at first, why wouldn’t they work again after being updated?

The size of your company, the budget, product or brand offered and the frequency of your published content are all factors that bring leads to your website.

However, to make sales, you have to consider:

2. Conversion Rates


Once you have the lead or prospective buyer on your website, you now have to convert that lead into a customer.

The most effective way to convert prospects to buyers is to offer them a deal.

Depending on the type of business and what is for sale the conversion rate can be as low as 1% or as high as 10%.

A successful conversion is one where the prospect joined your email list, subscribed to a newsletter, bought an e-book or other
product or service etc.

To keep those converts close at hand another strategy is to get them to become your:

3. E-mail Subscriber


A successful e-commerce website will not allow the right customer leave without becoming an e-mail subscriber.

You use Google Analytics to confirm how many visited your website.

To keep these customers, you entice them to subscribe to your email list.

Now there are plenty of ways to get your customers to stay connected to your website.

Here are some ways to obtain email subscribers.

Offer a freebie, such as a free e-book, a free mini-course, and so on.

Offer a free monthly newsletter for signing up.

A product or service, either free or at a reduced rate.

The bottom line here is to get customers to join your email list they have to feel that there is something in it for them.

4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


SEM is not as specialised as you might think.

Here, you as an advertiser, pay Google for your ad to be seen on search results that use the keywords for your business.

If a prospective buyer is looking at your ad at the right time for them to buy, they will.

Just put this known as “pay-per-click.”

While you are at it get an :

5. SEO Consult


Keyword or keyword phrases are what drives the search engines to your website.

Furthermore, the keywords or keyword phrases can rank your site at the top of the page.

When a prospect places the right keywords into that little search box, clicks search, the search engine, Google, Bing, or Yahoo will take that prospect straight to the page with your site in the top three positions, Nuff said.

6. Google Analytics.

Target your customers wherever they are.
Redesign your website if that is what it takes.

Help your social media marketing campaign.

Improve your e-mail marketing.

They get things done.

Check them out, hop on the web with the keywords ‘Online Advertising Adelaide’ and give your online sales a big boost.

If your online presence in Australia why not try:

Online Advertising in you local market e.g: Adelaide,  with ClickForce. We are one-stop shopping for your online business.

and Thanks for reading here is your one last bonus tip,

7. Do It!


Decide your business goals and contact us to map-out your digital strategy! If you have any question please drop-us a line on below comment section.

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