Welcome to ClickForce, I’m Dixit Patel, Founder of ClickForce.

ClickForce is a data-driven digital marketing agency;  Our goal is to help businesses thrive digitally. We offer data-driven, tested and proven process that allows your brand raise its awareness, bring more visitors to your website and increase conversion rates.

We have expertise and wealth of experience in data mining, digital marketing campaigns, content strategy and social media marketing. Whether you are established business trying to stay relevant in changing times or new startup trying to compete in a global market, you have come to right place.

Whether you have established business and looking for the ways to increase the presence in the digital world or new startup who is looking to penetrate in a global market, having a correct process is must in an extremely crowded and competitive digital space.

Our mission is to provide data-driven solutions, we focus on data over opinions. Our proven process helps business yield results to thrive in the digital world.

We are here to help you, So call us now.